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Delivery and Installation 

Full-Service Local Delivery and Installation Package
Includes 50' Rope and Stainless Steel Hardware     $200

Installation includes 1" Pro-Manila Rope.  Both rope styles beautifully complement the Swing Bed however, ropes do stretch over time and you may desire a re-adjust service to raise your Swing Bed. If you would like your Swing Bed installed at a higher level to allow for the rope stretch please let the installer know in advance. The Pro-Manila is a great option for high-moisture climates. Please feel free to call us if you would like instructions on adjusting the rope yourself.

Re-Adjust Service Fee: Includes New Rope (for The Swing Bed Company Customers Only     $200


Local Delivery area includes 40 miles from The Swing Bed Company Locations      
The Swing Bed Company locations include:
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
Jefferson, Georgia
Panama City Beach, Florida

**Contact The Swing Bed Company for Long Distance Delivery Pricing.**

The Swing Bed Company
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